No Perfect Wave Remixes

By C. Diab

“Impressive reworks from Ambassadeurs, fellow Injazero artist Heinali and Kelpe, and a sprawling epic of a remix [from] Houndstooth affiliate Guy Andrews.”

“Hauntingly beautiful…A unique vision and expert musicianship.”

“Mesmerising, meditative.”
Nick Luscombe, BBC Radio 3

“Superbly balanced… Offers many stunning moments.”
Drowned in Sound

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Vancouver-based bowed guitar player / tape manipulator C. Diab follows his extraordinarily beautiful No Perfect Wave LP (October 2016) with a stunning remix EP, a collection of wildly new and inventive takes on tracks from the album. Three album tracks (over four remixes) are shown in vibrant new light by Guy Andrews (Houndstooth), Ambassadeurs, Heinali (Injazero) and Kelpe. Each new take teases out hues, colours and shades from the original forms. Previously sparse and meditative dronescapes are accorded throbbing basslines and pulsing dance beats; organic and naturalist acoustic recordings are digitally processed and treated; the remote wilderness of Canada’s Pacific mountain region is traded for the electronic scenes of London, Berlin and Kyiv.

C. Diab’s playing style – of the original No Perfect Wave – is described as ‘Cascadian guitar music’. Where Appalachian Guitar Music has a well-known musical identity, C. Diab’s elegant cello-bowed guitar compositions are named in reference to the Cascade mountain region (Northwestern USA / Southwestern Canada), which is – just as C. Diab’s music – mountainous, moody, mesmeric, and filled with breathtaking majesty.

“I haven’t heard anything like C. Diab’s music in a long while. There is a real beauty in how he composes,” says Guy Andrews. “I made almost all of the remix in the early hours of the morning whilst waiting for a connecting flight in Copenhagen airport…I hadn’t manage to sleep much – so I wanted to capture the high levels of fatigue I was experiencing, creating a haze of digital mess which dissipates into moments of clarity.”

Released on 19 May 2017. Cover art by Mark Bakema.