By Heinali

“An enchanting new album.”
The Ransom Note

“[Iridescent is] a gorgeous crescendo of ever-evolving, dusty arpeggiations.”Inverted Audio

“Full of ethereal beauty…emotive…haunting.”

“The delicate ivories give glimpses of hope and light to hold onto, which is something the world really does need right now.”
DJ Mag

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Having garnered rapturous responses to his earlier output and 2017’s ‘Anthem’, self-taught composer and sound-designer Oleg Shpudeiko continues to push the boundaries and experiment with altering mood and atmospheres of any space – with abstract yet deeply personal transmissions of ambient synthesiser work and subaqueous, minimal techno contortions.

‘Iridescent’ consists of fragments of studio improvisation sessions recorded in 2016 and 2017, some of them recorded in one unedited take on a modular system and some layered and later morphed into compositions. As the title suggests Heinali crafts shimmering, incandescent portraits, rich in his unique characteristics and compositional liberty.

Apart from the “musical sculptures,” that represent the bulk of this LP, Oleg was interested in the exploration of polyphonic capabilities of the modular system. ‘Rainbow Folding’, a loose homage to Terry Riley’s ‘A Rainbow In Curved Air,’ features an interplay of several independent, but distinct voices and their processed shadows — ‘ghost voices’. In ‘Shadow Invention’ eerie atmospherics steal the spotlight and dominate the composition, ending in a cacophony of the ‘ghost voices’.

Oleg says of the album, “it’s a kind of studio dairy. A reflection on the development of my relations with the hardware instruments and exploration of them as channelling vessels for my experiences and ideas.”

“One can think of Iridescent’ as ‘musical sculpture’ analogy — when the body of music stays the same, but its surface is flickering with various colours over time — sometimes in a subtle manner, sometimes loud and clear. Or it can be understood in the context of various colours of polyphony, or as a liminal condition of the colour as if it’s being ‘stuck’ in the mist of twilight zone between neighbouring colour-states, so it can’t become a particular colour and is in a flickering kaleidoscopic state.”

‘Iridescent’ bares Oleg’s style of sonic storytelling and austere, otherworldly textural embellishments that bring to mind Ben Frost, Akira Yamaoka, and Oneohtrix Point Never but also plants the seed for much more club ready electro. ‘Starling Reprise I’ is a scorching piece of ambient techno that conjures Four Tet, LTO and Susumu Yokota’s blissful, kaleidoscopic synth work whilst ‘Starling Reprise II’ retains the frosty, steely ambience that has become Heinali’s calling card.

Released on 12 October 2018.
Cover art by Olga Gaidash.
Design by Pelin Morris.
Art direction by Siné Buyuka.