Empire Remixes

By Matt Emery

“Absolutely fantastic piece of music! Robot Koch is an amazing producer.” – Kölsch, BBC Radio 1

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UK composer Matt Emery’s elegant, spectral debut album of evocative piano and string pieces Empire gets the remix treatment from acclaimed producers Robot Koch, Ambassadeurs, Turtle and composer Ed Carlsen.

I really enjoyed making this remix for Matt Emery” says Koch. “The original piece was already stunning and it was fun to work with the piano and strings stems in a more electronic context. I tried to stay true to the original composition to a degree while still taking the whole thing into my own sound universe.”

Emery’s music is described by The 405 as “ebbing from soft whispers to an ocean of sound that would calm even the roughest of seas.” Their words are apt. Though learned and erudite, Empire is experienced less in musicality but in mood. There is melancholia, jubilation, tension, beauty, dark ambience all deftly navigated within its various movements.

Released on 1 December 2017.
Cover art by Tyler Hobbs.
Art direction by Siné Buyuka.