Bank of Inner Criticisms Remixes

By Hinako Omori

“Hinako Omori is at her exploratory best on Bank of Inner Criticisms” – Clash

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London based electronic musician Hinako Omori releases a remix EP of Bank Of Inner Criticisms, a stand out track from her debut Aurelia EP, featuring three strong and varied interpretations by Ill Japonia, Dylan Henner and Matt Emery.

The EP begins with a soaring, euphoric remix by Ill Japonia, the new trap influenced solo project of Bo Ningen’s Taigen Kawabe. In sharp contrast, Dylan Henner’s remix transforms the melancholy of the original in to a narcoleptic haze, effusing an eerie sense of despair and dejection. The EP ends fittingly with Matt Emery’s gorgeous cello version, which elicits a profoundly moving, cinematic sense of farewell; a dramatic, heart wrenching parting of ways.

Released on Nov 6th, 2020
Ill Japonia and Dylan Henner remixes mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis Music
Matt Emery remix mastered by Taylor Deupree at 12k Mastering
Artwork by Gustavo Eandi