Aunis Remixes

By Pétra

Pétra create electronica using an impressive and virtually unprecedented palette of synth sounds. Aunis is ambient music that uses no drums but still manages to shimmer and throb – and even wobble and squeak – appealingly, pitched somewhere between Aphex Twin and Steve Reich.” 

The Guardian

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Pétra is a new collaborative project from Brian Allen Simon (aka Anenon) and Chantal Chadwick.

Primarily written, performed, produced, and recorded on the volcanic island of Nisyros, Greece in late 2018, Pétra means ‘stone, rock’, and the name of the project was inspired by a chance encounter with the photography of Daniel Boudinet as well as the geological formations of Nisyros. With additional work on the album completed in Loire, France and Mexico City, Mexico, the music is a site-specific reaction to all locales and was arranged in a free-form variety of methods with an improvisational energy being the driving force.

The duo’s debut album ‘Aunis’, released on 20th September 2019, incorporates electronic and acoustic instrumentation which draws the listener into dream-like soundscapes and blends ambient sounds, modern composition, and abstract vibrations. Aunis Remixes EP features tracks off Aunis reworked by one part of the duo Anenon, Bryce Hackford, Dylan Henner, Faene and Nico Niquo.

Released on 28 February 2020.
Photo by Pétra, cover design by Em Kei at Odd Studio.
Mastered by Yosi Horikawa.