Pétra create electronica using an impressive and virtually unprecedented palette of synth sounds – appealingly, pitched somewhere between Aphex Twin and Steve Reich.”

The Guardian

Pétra is a collaborative music project from Brian Allen Simon and Chantal Chadwick.

Los Angeles native Brian Allen Simon, aka Anenon, is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has received critical acclaim for his work from the likes of Pitchfork, The Wire, The Guardian, and more.

Since his 2012 debut ‘Inner Hue’, Simon has continually and consistently proven his status as an innovator by co-curating an ambient music series at The Museum of Contemporary art in Los Angeles, and releasing critically acclaimed records such as 2016’s ‘Petrol’ and 2018’s ‘Tongue’. An officially sanctioned remix for Ryuichi Sakamoto in 2018 has only cemented this status further.

Chantal Chadwick is a musician, dancer, and founder of Assortment, an agency that supports artists working in photography, motion, and sound with an independent publishing branch for fine art books.

Prior to founding Assortment, she was co-owner of a small gallery in New York City focusing on emerging contemporary artists. She has been quietly making music under the name Bed for close to a decade, but Pétra will be her first release. She is currently working between Mexico City and Los Angeles.