By Villette

“Really quite something”

“Sumptuous music packed with mood and colour”

“A stream of sophisticated house and techno”
Wonderland Magazine

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Growing up in Istanbul, Villette initially made a name for herself as part of an indie DJ duo. Yet a subsequent move to London and a creative re-imagining of herself – crystalised on her debut single Fall, feels like a re-alignment, or perhaps an unearthing of something that was always there deep within her.

Fall is the result of a cross-continental move that’s seen Villette’s own music hardened by the enduring influence of the likes of traditional techno powerhouse cities like Cologne and Berlin; yet it’s no surprise that it was a remix of John Talabot’s Without You – the original included on his 2013 DJ Kicks compilation – that began piquing the ears of bloggers this side of Europe. As Villette she’s gone on to support Talabot – as well as Jan Blomqvist and the The xx among others – and she seems to share a desire to break her production’s more glacial plains with a sense of euphoria. Fall is a case in point: pulsing through an isolated expanse, eerily melancholic and yet stubborn in its refusal to be cast downwards, the track’s breathily manipulated vocals and bouncing 4/4 patterns push away from the encircling darkness.

Ki Records signing Sieren and the label’s ascendant co-founder Christian Löffler take on remix duties for Fall – the first a fattening up of Villette’s original, while Löffler contorts it into a warped, woozy, wonderfully emotive affair.

Released on 27 November 2015.
Cover art by Tyler Hobbs.